Blog  Crane Lake Is My Summer Home (Poem)

Crane Lake Is My Summer Home (Poem)

Campers are now being offered a chugensive option to improve upon their creative capacities. The storytelling group invites campers with a knack for poetry, journalism, novel writing, and public speaking to strut their stuff with likeminded peers. After the first week of second session, here’s an awesome piece of poetry that one of our talented campers put together during impromptu slam poetry.


Crane Lake is My Summer Home

By Morgan Kaplan, Olim ’18


At Crane Lake I feel my best

When the clean up songs come on, you know their’ll be no mess.

We play games and sports while having lots of fun,

You’ll never wish for a day to be done.

The food is… alright, but the people are great!

Some even turn out to be your bunkmates…

From Nitz to Olim spirits sore sky high

and on the zip line at ropes – they even learn how to fly.

Here I am, home, and forever will be.

Crane Lake will do go down as my favorite place in history.