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Help Rebuild the Rec Hall for future generations of Crane LakeRS

Within the four walls of the Rec Hall lies the soul of Crane Lake Camp. Home to decades of plaques and banners commemorating many iconic moments of camp, the Rec Hall is one of only two indoor programming spaces that can fit the entire camp community and is our only performing arts space.

After 90 years of being well-loved, well-used, and well-maintained, our beloved Rec Hall was deemed structurally unsound last year, leaving our 2021 campers without the experience, power, and memories of this special place.

The Rebuild the Rec Hall Campaign will reestablish Crane Lake Camp’s treasured traditions and preserve our decades of memories and memorabilia, in a new space that allows kids of all abilities and backgrounds to strengthen their Jewish identities and build lasting friendships.

The need to replace the Rec Hall has created a strong resolve in the Crane Lake Camp community to rebuild a bigger, open, comfortable facility. One that is accessible to all members of our community, with a commitment to preserving the memories and memorabilia within it. The images on this page will help you visualize the warmth and functionality of our expanded new space.

What improvements will be made to our Rec Hall?

The new facility will preserve elements of its previous structure while also serving new purposes. We have redesigned the building to match our high-quality programs and our welcoming community. The new 7,200 square-foot Rec Hall will be 1.5 times larger and 100% ADA-compliant–a place where every camper can feel welcomed and comfortable during all-camp events.

New features will include:

  • Regraded entrance pathways and ramp-accessible stage.
  • Adaptable seating to comfortably accommodate diverse youth.
  • Barn-door style entrances and exits for improved ventilation and a view of the Berkshire Mountains.
  • Outdoor decks where individuals with sensory needs can seek respite from auditory and visual stimulation while still being able to participate or observe.
  • Accessible and all-gender bathrooms.
  • Professional A/V equipment and lighting to match the quality of stage performances.

What is needed to make this dream a reality?

To preserve this essential Crane Lake Camp experience, we are asking you to support the $3.6 million Rebuild the Rec Hall Campaign. Generous gifts from a growing group of major donors have propelled our campaign forward, but as of March 25, we have $840,000 left to raise! We are seeking gifts in any amount from the entire Crane Lake community in order to complete construction in time for summer 2022 campers. Thank you to our campaign leadership and to the generous donors who have contributed $1,800 or more to the campaign!

Forever known as the Rec Hall, the new building will be dedicated to Debby and Nili Shriber, for their 12 years of leadership, commitment, and love for Crane Lake Camp. We also remember camper Ethan Gordon, z’’l, who tragically passed away in 2020. To honor his love of theater, we are naming the stage in his memory. 

Donor Recognition Opportunities

Current campers, staff, and alumni (age 35 and younger) who donate between $180 and $1,799 will be listed on a hand-painted plaque in the Rec Hall.

Gifts of $1,800 and above will be featured on the Rec Hall donor wall.

Gifts of $180,000 and above, payable over up to 3 years, will be offered a naming opportunity within our expanded space. If you are interested in a naming opportunity, please contact Ray Kimmelblatt.

We are happy to answer your questions about the campaign. Please reach out to Debby Shriber, Executive Director, Northeast Camps, at or 201-722-0400, or Ray Kimmelblatt, Development Director, Eisner and Crane Lake Camps, at or 201-419-6549.

Check out our campaign video:

Watch a virtual walkthrough:


Plaques & Banners