In Memory of Ethan Gordon

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During this campaign we remember Ethan Gordon, z’’l, who joined the Crane Lake community in 2015, and spent 5 wonderful summers on the Rec Hall stage performing for his fellow campers.

Whenever Ethan touched the stage, he was the star. Whether delivering just a few lines in Where the Wild Things Are, or playing the bookseller in Beauty and the Beast, Ethan brought it…every single time.

All eyes were drawn to Ethan. You couldn’t help but be pulled into his world and enjoy every second of his performances. Indeed, this carried over to Fight Song and Sing where, inevitably, Ethan was one to watch as he stole the show from the rest of his unit or team. Our community was shaken by Ethan’s tragic death on August 22, 2020.

Our collective hearts have been broken ever since. We’re coming together to honor Ethan’s legacy at camp by naming the new Rec Hall stage in his memory. Please join us by making a gift today, so Ethan may continue to be the brightest star on the Crane Lake stage forever more. Click here to join the ‘Raise the Stage’ fundraising team and donate in his memory.