Crane Lake Camp is situated along the shore of beautiful, spring-fed Crane Lake in the Berkshire Mountains. Our 110 acre site features camper bunks, a dining hall, staff housing, health center, and an impressive range of athletic and program facilities. We are very proud of the exceptional activities and facilities that we are able to offer. Many are made possible by the generous support of our alumni families. Click below to see photos and descriptions of many of our features!

OUR CABINS - 3rd - 10th Grade
Crane Lake Camp has many different styles of cabins. All cabins contain bathrooms, bunk beds, a cubby for each camper, and, most importantly, incredible counselors. Some cabins are self-contained, while others share a bathroom with an adjoining bunk. 

Dining Hall
One of our newest buildings on camp, our Chadar Ochel is a place for community building as well as eating. Family style meals are served with a delicious array of choices throughout the summer. Learn more about our meals here.

Beit Am
Our air-conditioned, indoor meeting space was built in 2007. The Beit Am can be utilized for any size, from small group instruction to a place to house our entire camp on a rainy afternoon. On good weather days, the Beit Am is used for modern dance.

Rec Hall
Our Rec Hall is our cherished theater. As the oldest building on camp, the Rec Hall holds plaques and banners throughout the years of privately owned and URJ Crane Lake Camp. It is home to our drama program, and is the backdrop for many important all-camp traditions during first and second session.

Arts and Crafts Room
Our arts and crafts room is a room of creation and imagination. Our art staff works hard to create unique and exciting art projects from painting and drawing to ceramics, and helps our campers feel proud of their work. The arts and crafts room doubles as an indoor space when it rains.

Athletic Fields and Courts
Our campgrounds include a number of fields, courts, lawns, and other spaces to accommodate a range of outdoor sports including basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, archery, flag football, street hockey, and ultimate frisbee.

Outdoor Sanctuary
Our Outdoor Sanctuary is the spiritual center of our camp. This is where camp gathers daily for morning t'filah, as well as Shabbat celebrations on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. The Outdoor Sanctuary is also a place where significant moments of camp occur, such as opening ceremonies during which we pass or unroll our sacred Torah


Our lakefront is the at the heart of the Crane Lake experience, where we teach sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and waterski and play on our expansive inflatable water playground! The lake is also the site for cherished traditions such as our closing ceremonies.

Ropes Course
Our brand new Aerial Challenge Course is a self-directed challenge-by-choice program, complemented by our zipline. Our Low Ropes Course features a circuit of team-building initiative activities.

Teva Overnight Site
Our Teva (nature) program includes learning outdoor skills such as orienteering and outdoor cooking, as well as an overnight experience in our beautiful and cozy platform tents.