Blog  Faculty Celebrates National Wear Your Camp Shirt Day

Faculty Celebrates National Wear Your Camp Shirt Day

Eisner and Crane Lake Faculty

Eisner & Crane Lake Faculty wearing their camp shirts

What a great day for the Faculty of Eisner and Crane Lake Camps! This morning, we were joined by more than 30 Rabbis, Cantors and Educators, wearing their camp shirts, for our annual Education Summit. Synagogue professionals from across the northeast gathered to vision and plan the educational components of Summer 2012.

What seemed to be most incredible was the support for camp! Some folks were new to camp, while others have been involved in camp for the duration of their careers and were campers at Jewish camps around the country. Faculty members proudly sported their camp t-shirts at the meeting in celebration of National Wear Your Camp T-Shirt Day. As we went around the table, it was apparent that our movement, and the camps in particular, have had an incredible impact on our professional leadership. Nearly every person at the meeting has attended, served on faculty, or worked as a staff member at one or more URJ Camp.

The following are a couple of reflections from two faculty members about their camp experiences…

“Camp has always been such an integral part of my own Jewish development – from adolescence to my professional choices and decisions as a rabbi. Being able to give back to the Jewish camping community, in this informal but powerful Jewish setting, and watching young kids develop their own sense of Judaism in their lives, is one of the most inspiring and rewarding things I do throughout the entire year. Just like the campers, I countdown to my time at camp every year…. For the warm summer days where memories are made and lives are changed, forever.” –Rabbi Elizabeth Wood, Reform Temple of Forest Hills

“I grew up in the Soviet Union and the first Jewish camp I attended was as a member of staff. Every time I get to be at Jewish Camp, to experience the spirit, the camaraderie, the learning and friendship, my heart fills up with an incredible sense of pride and excitement.” – Rabbi Michael Farbman, Temple Emanuel of Greater New Haven

We are so thankful for the constant support and enthusiasm from our rabbis, cantors and educators. And of course, we had a great time looking at everyone’s camp shirts!

An impressive list of those who joined us and the camps they have attended…

Rabbi Joel Abraham Eisner Camp, Kutz, Camp Harlam, Kadima (ULPJ)
Rabbi Matt Berger Crane Lake Camp, OSRUI
Lauren Chizner Greene Family Camp, Crane Lake Camp
Rabbi Jeffrey Clopper Crane Lake Camp, Greene Family Camp, Kutz
Cantor Lisa Doob OSRUI, B’nai Brith Montreal
Rabbi Michael Farbman Eisner Camp, RSY Netzer, FSU Netzer
Marissa Frankel Eisner Camp, Crane Lake Camp
Rabbi David Freedlund Crane Lake Camp
James Gelsey Eisner Camp, Coleman, Kutz
Rabbi Jonathan Hecht Eisner Camp
Rabbi Neil Hirsch Eisner Camp, Greene Family Camp
Cantor Gail Hirschenfang Eisner Camp
Cantor Brad Hyman Crane Lake Camp
Greg Kellner Crane Lake Camp, Eisner Camp, Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps
Rabbi Beth Klafter Eisner Camp
Cantor Martin Levson Crane Lake Camp, Eisner Camp, Greene Family Camp, Swig
Rabbi David Levy OSRUI, Eisner Camp, Crane Lake Camp, Kutz
Rabbi Seth Limmer Eisner Camp
Rabbi Joel Mosbacher Eisner Camp
Rabbi Susie Moskowitz Jacobs Camp, Eisner Camp
Lisa Rosenberg Crane Lake Camp, Eisner Camp, Kutz
Debby Shriber Crane Lake, Eisner Camp, Poyntelle
Cantor Sheila Singer Crane Lake Camp
Rabbi Josh Strom Harlam, OSRUI, Crane Lake Camp
Stephen Weitzman Crane Lake Camp, Eisner Camp
Ira Wise OSRUI, Eisner Camp
Rabbi Elizabeth Wood Eisner Camp, GUCI, Camp Young Judaea
  • Cantor Brad Hyman

    To be fair, I have attended (in no particular order):
    Kutz Camp, Camp Harlam, Camp Coleman, Camp Newman, Eisner Camp and Crane Lake Camp. If you count attending Hava Nashira and a few conclaves, I’ve also been to OSRUI. I would love to visit the other camps if I only had more time in the summer!

    • Brad,

      I have a road trip to hit all the URJ camps all Googlemapped out. You in?