Blog  Maccabia 2012 LIVE! Tweeting, Blogging, Photos, and More

Maccabia 2012 LIVE! Tweeting, Blogging, Photos, and More

Day 1, 2, and 3 photos and blog have been archived – click here to view

Thank you for joining us on this live blogging journey! We’ve enjoyed sharing the magic and fun of Maccabia with you! Good night!!

10:25 PM – The room goes wild, and them settles as we sing bedtime Hashkiveinu and Shema.



10:24 PM – Debby removes the axe from the stump, ending Maccabia. The winners of CLC Maccabia 2012 are….WHITE FROST

10:17 PM – Aaand now we’re going through tomorrow’s schedule…we are anxious to find out who won!!!

10:16 PM – Yes, 6 whole minutes of honoring our amazing staff! Now we’re honoring the incredible Hilary Winer, who made this all possible


10:10 PM – First we’re honoring everyone who made Maccabia possible!

10:07 PM – Hilary and Greg return; we’re about to find out the results!

9:47 PM – We’re singing the CLC alma mater as the judges calculate and determine the winner!

9:45 PM – The judges who worked on it present the plaque for this year’s Maccabia


9:39 PM – It’s time for the presentation of the banners!! Here they are:



9:35 PM – Blue performs their fight song, to the tune of “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5


9:31 PM – White performs their fight song, to the tune of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray


9:28 PM – White Frost performs their March, which includes human percussion!


9:25 PM – Blue performs their march – it includes lots of shout outs to the judges!


9:16 PM – Blue performs their opening skit


9:10 PM – White has been seated again; Blue is exiting the Rec Hall and will re-enter formally

9:02 PM – White Frost performs their opening skit; now they’re re-entering the Rec Hall


8:50 PM – The judges perform their walk in and fight song; now White Frost is exiting and will make their formal entrance



8:45 PM – Hilary welcomes us all and explains the proceedings

8:40 PM – White is in the building



8:33 PM – Blue Inferno is entering the Rec Hall



8:26 PM – Synopsis of Sing – each team does a walk in, a march, and a fight song to the tune of popular songs. Whichever team earns the highest number of points from the judges is the winner of Sing! The team banners, which counselors from each team have been working on all week, will be judged tonight as well. We’re getting started soon! The judges are already assembled in the Rec Hall and are practicing their own fight song


7:28 PM – Debby congratulates the Generals on a job well done, and Hilary calls them up one by one to receive their official, personalized General shirts as camp applauds



7:19 PM – Lowering the flag tonight for showing good sportsmanship throughout the day are Leo K. (Nitzanim) and counselor Molly H. for White Frost, and Jennifer P. (Olim) and counselor Jeff S. for Blue Inferno

6:31 PM – We just found out that there’s a 21 point difference between the teams, but we don’t know who’s in the lead! Now we’re heading into a silent dinner competition before Sing.

6:16 PM – We’ve had a relaxing evening of practicing for Sing and staff games, but now we’re back for line up! No formations tonight. We’re taking an all- camp picture instead!


1:15 PM – BLUE is the winner of Apache Relay 2012!!! Here is video of White’s Torch Run!

Now, lunch!!

1:11 PM – Video of the end of the Torch Run can be found here –



1:07 PM – Camp is doing the Cupid Shuffle while we wait for the judges



1:05 PM – Blue’s torch reaches the main lawn first, and now the judges gather to assess penalties and determine the winner


12:59 PM – Blue has a lead of 26 seconds; Follow Torch run LIVE in a minute!!

12:56 PM – Blue is in the lead by 14 seconds

12:55 PM – Blue is in the lead by 4 seconds

12:50 PM – Torch Relay video: Will be up in a minute

12:48 PM – Blue is in the lead by 3 seconds!! We will be streaming Torch Relay live – stay tuned!!

12:45 PM – More hopping; Blue has a lead of 29 seconds


12:43 PM – Blue has taken the lead by 22 seconds!


12:38 PM – The swimming events are underway; White is in the lead by 1 min 14 sec


12:35 PM – White has a lead of 1 min 35 sec; campers and staff gather on the main lawn when finished with their events


12:34 PM At the end of event #84, White has a lead of 1 min 51 sec

12:28 PM – At the end of event #78, White is in the lead by 2 minutes and 8 seconds

12:24 PM – White is in the lead by 2 minutes and 6 seconds

12:20 PM – Hopping!



12:19 PM – Archery; White is in the lead by 44 seconds


12:15 PM – The paddle boarding race is underway


12:14 PM – At the end of event 39 the White team is in the lead by 29 seconds!

12:09 PM – Water participants are ready at the lake; White has taken the lead by 9 seconds


12:06 PM – Running the bases as fast as possible; Blue is in the lead by 30 seconds


12:03 PM – Wheelbarrow races; Blue is in the lead by 37 seconds


12:00 PM – Passing a hula hoop in a circle through all the participants’ arms. Blue is in the lead by 4 seconds


11:59 AM – Blue is ahead by a few seconds

11:57 AM – the batons are out and they’re on their way!! A few long runs are the next few events


11:54 AM – Generals from each team are waiting to open the packages containing their baton as soon as the race starts – any second now


11:48 AM – Apache Coordinator/Upper Bonim Unit Head Sophie Golomb and Senior Assistant Director Greg Kellner are ready to follow the teams around camp by golf cart. They’re bringing the blogger and photographer with them as well!


11:41 AM – Apache Relay is fun because in addition to some standard sports activities and lots of running, there are some really wacky events, like hopping on one foot, passing a hula hoop around a group of participants, building a paper airplane, and making a bed

11:34 AM – We’re 10-15 minutes from start time, as the teams take their places around camp

11:26 AM Adina prepares campers for Apache down at the lake


11:18 AM We’re about to get started, but first an explanation: Generals will position their team members across camp to complete various events. The race will begin with a baton. The baton will be passed to every member of the team at each event. The race will end with a camper replacing the baton with a lit torch and running it from the Lower Soccer Field to the Main Lawn and extinguishing it in a bucket of water. The first team to get their lit torch to the finish line in the least amont of time (after penalties are assessed) will be the winners of the Apache Relay!

Olim campers have been practicing all session for running the last leg, the Torch run. Running today for Blue Inferno is Jake G., and Elon H. is running for White Frost!

White Frost General Jeremy Levine explained this morning that Apache is his favorite event of Maccabia because each camper has a specific role, and for a moment each of them is the most important person on his or her team!

10:38 AM – Blue wins line up, and White is in the lead by 7 points. Now we’re doing Apache prep!

10:35 AM – Program Director Joie Golomb explains the rules of Apache Relay to camp


10:32 AM – The Bucket teams from Blue and White present a cheer they made up last night during their bucket passing


10:23 AM – The songs are getting more intense and are getting us pumped up for Apache!

Alex P. (Bonim), Brandon B. (Bonim), Cleo C. (Bonim), and Rebecca T. (Bonim) are raising the flags today because all of them lost teeth!


10:11 AM – We’re back for Day 4! Today includes many all-camp activities, including Apache and Sing! More about those later…now it’s line up!

–Thursday, August 16 – Day 4–