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8 Ways in 8 Nights You Can Impact Camp

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is a time to celebrate and get together with family and friends to rejoice in the miracles, big and small, that abound in our lives. It’s also a time when we can re-dedicate ourselves (don’t forget, the translation of “Hanukkah” is “to dedicate”) to the values and way of life for which the Maccabees fought—values that come to life every single day at Eisner and Crane Lake Camps. So here are some simple ways to keep the miracles of summer camp burning bright all year long.

1.Volunteer as a camp ambassador at your temple
Share your love for camp with others by becoming a Camp Ambassador. Camp Ambassadors work with the camp and their temple’s professionals to promote the power of a URJ overnight camp experience to members of the community. Contact James Gelsey if you are interested (

2. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
Spread your love for camp by letting the world know through your social networks. Find us in all the usual places – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

3. Give one night of presents to the Camp Scholarship Fund
Show your love for camp by making it possible for others to benefit from the experience. Every year, Eisner and Crane Lake Camp give financial support to 300 families who are not able afford camp. Donations from people like you are what make this possible. Visit

4. Host a camp presentation in your home
Demonstrate your love for camp by hosting a camp presentation in your home for prospective families. Our camp directors would be delighted to meet with your friends, family, congregants and neighbors to tell them in person what our camps can do for them. Contact our office to set one up! (201) 722-0400 or

5. Include camp in your B’nei Mitzvah celebration
Often children are asked to take on a mitzvah project when they prepare for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. They generally search for a project that best represents their values and means something to them in one way or another. We want to let you know that camp is a registered not-for-profit, and many campers have made the support of Eisner and Crane Lake the focus of their mitzvah project. Contact Corey Cutler ( to find out about these opportunities.

6. Purchase your online holiday gifts using Goodshop
When you buy your holiday presents online using, camp will earn money – it’s that simple.  You will pay the same amount, and many times less, for buying a present, and the company will share a portion of their proceeds with camp.  It’s a no brainer. Start shopping now at Just sign up and select Eisner and Crane Lake as your charity and begin shopping.

7. Make camp a family event – come to Heller Wexler Weekend
Four times each year, Eisner and Crane Lake holds a family camp event offering the opportunity to have a Shabbat experience that explore the joys and challenges of family life through a Jewish lens. It is a special time to gather as a family and get away from everyday life and have a camp-like experience.Our Mother-Daughter Weekend is coming up (Jan 11-13) for mom’s, grandmother’s, aunt’s and campers in grades 6-12. The events are hosted at Eisner Camp’s winterized retreat center. Visit to register.

8. Become a member of the Camp Legacy Society
Making a gift after one’s lifetime is the ultimate expression of tzedakah. It declares that I believe in camp and what it has done for my family and I want to give something back. It demonstrates to all your commitment to ensure the longevity of camp and makes certain that camp will be here for your children’s children and beyond. Contact Corey Cutler ( for more information.