Blog  Thank You! “I Cannot Wait to See this Dining Hall”

Thank You! “I Cannot Wait to See this Dining Hall”

Click to Explore the Dining Hall or Make a Gift Today

Click to Explore the Dining Hall or Make a Gift Today

To anyone who has contributed to the funding of the new dining hall for Crane Lake Camp,

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you my appreciation for you and your generous offer. When people ask me what I am doing over the summer I always respond, “I’m going to camp! I go to a rustic and picturesque camp that is nestled in a quaint Berkshire town, it is my home! Ever since my first days at Crane Lake Camp, I have felt how incredible this community is. Today, my best friends are at camp and we constantly meet and talk about camp. We are always brainstorming ways to make camp a better place for everyone; faculty, staff, and especially the children. When I heard the news of your generosity I had to share with you my excitement and my story.

Growing up in a Jewish household, food has always been at the center of all our gatherings and I have wished the same was true for camp. There are some incredible places on camp that truly bring the entire camp community together. The red gates are where it all begins, where all the cars rush through on opening day. The Rec Hall is an incredible building filled with camp history and millions of memories. The lake is where we have watched many a sunset and cried and held our friends when the last night of the summer came around. The one location on camp that is unfortunately not large enough to house our community is the dining hall. Meal time is crucial in camp’s schedule and in a camper’s development. It can sometimes be challenging for an awkward 14 year old to make friends on the sports courts and fields, but in the dining hall she is forced to sit with her bunk mates and converse.

Janelle and Friends at Camp

Janelle gathering with fellow staff members before Shabbat t’fila

The dining hall is the place where specialists (counselors who teach in a specific area) can spend time with their campers in their cabin, because they are teaching activities most of the day. For some specialists, this is a significant time they get with their children during the day. And as Jewish people, we know, everyone has to eat!

With your generous donations, Crane Lake will be able to house our entire camp community in one meal. When I was that awkward 14 year old it would have been nice to have been in the same dining hall with my timid 11 year old brother, just to keep an eye on him. With your generous donations, millions of memories will be formed. With your generous donations, we can be environmentally friendly and not waste dumpsters full of paper plates and plastic utensils daily. With your generous donations, our Shabbat (in rain or shine) will be together! With your generous donations, young children will be forming their Jewish identities and making Jewish friends. With your generous donations, we can truly be ONE camp community together at last! Again, thank you so much for your generous offer and I cannot wait to see this dining hall come to fruition.

Janelle and her brother

Janelle and her brother David at CLC

Many, many thanks!

Janelle Sarnevitz and the future of Crane Lake Camp

(Former Camper  and Current Staff Member)

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