Blog  “I Wish You an Incredible Summer,” A Letter From Josh Berlin

“I Wish You an Incredible Summer,” A Letter From Josh Berlin

Josh Berlin is a former Crane Lake Camp staff member and camper and currently serves as the vice chair of the Crane Lake Camp Alumni Committee.

Josh and his nephew celebrating July 4th at Crane Lake

Josh and his nephew celebrating July 4th at Crane Lake

Dear Debby, Greg and the entire 2013 CLC Camp Staff,

I write this email with a fair amount of jealously as you near the opening of summer 2013.  I wanted to wish you all good luck and more importantly wishes for a fantastic summer. I know that the preparations you have all gone through and the awakening of Crane Lake over the past 4-6 weeks will all be worth it as over 350 amazing young people return to their summer home in just a short time.

What you’ll do over the next 7 or so weeks will help define each and every soul on those camp grounds as they share experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. Having spent such a large part of my own life at CLC, it is amazing that it has been 5 summers now since I spent a full summer there, but my love and dedication to making CLC a special place for future generations campers has never gone away.  When I visit each summer, I am so impressed with the care and attention the staff have for the campers and I have an overwhelming sense of pride when I watch how much fun the campers are having and the ruach being displayed.

You see, the real testimonial is not seen during the summer months but in the months after when the world of social networking takes over for the day to day interactions. Friendships are continued through posts, pictures, tags and tweets.  It is at that point when you all will realize once again the indelible impact you have each and every summer.

As an Alum, I am  proud to be a part of the history of Crane Lake and will continue to be an active and influential part of the future of Crane Lake.  The Crane Lake staff play such an invaluable part of strengthening the Jewish soul and teaching everyone how to live in a community of caring with a goal of Tikkun Olam strengthening everyone each summer.

As the summer officially begins and the awkward silence is replaced with the constant sound of playing and laughter, spirituality and joy, I wish you an incredible summer and look forward to seeing camp in action first hand when I visit in a few weeks

Mazel Tov on a GREAT opening day!!!