Blog  Positively Precious Puppy Poetry

Positively Precious Puppy Poetry

Every summer, Crane Lake Camp brings four lucky puppies to live on camp and play with the campers, but at the end of the summer, they need families who will love them and take them home! We know that the campers fall in love with the puppies, but we wanted to give you a look at each one and wrote a short limerick to go along with the pictures. If your child is a first session camper and is interested, they’re still eligible  to adopt – the puppies just go home closer to the end of our summer at camp. The selection process starts in August as a lottery, and if your child signs up, we will call you before we make the selection, but if you’re interested, please contact Sarah Lauing at

prince puppy



Prince Charming’s a snow-white Maltese
Who will fit in your embrace with ease
He’s a teeny bit shy
But a sweet, loyal guy
He wants to come home with you please!




bruno puppy



Silky terriers are super smart
And Bruno’s brains are off of the chart
He’s friendly and fun
Loves to play in the sun
And he has a big happy heart!







thumper puppy



Our Havanese is black and white
Named Thumper, with humans he’s tight
He hops like a bunny
And we think he’s so funny
You want to adopt him now, right?






theo puppy



Theo is a sweet Cavapoo
Who is curious and loves to chew
He’s got some sweet ‘brows
And your love he allows
He wants to come cuddle with YOU!




If you have any questions about the puppies or are interested in putting your name on the list, please contact Sarah at!