Blog  Maccabia Memories 2013

Maccabia Memories 2013

What an incredible Maccabia! In the final days of camp, Blue and White competed as White Desert and Blue Rainforest. The competition was complete with the Ruach that is Crane Lake Camp. From Tug to Bucket Brigade to Rope Burn, the energy was electric! Your could taste the excitement and you could certainly see the joy in our campers faces as they cheered for their teammates on Blue and White as well as cheered for the opposing team on a job well done.

In the end, the Blue Desert prevailed as winners and the ax was removed from the stump signifying that Crane Lake was no longer divided, but was one community! There were hugs, laughs and a bit of tears as campers realized the end of the summer was in sight. At the end of the final night we joined arms and hands to sing the Hashkiveinu, and campers chanted for Choco Tacos… And YES! They got them!

Enjoy this great Maccabia recap video.