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Poetry Chugim

Here are a few poems that campers wrote from a Creative Writing Chugim from Limud Extravaganza. The theme was “im ein ani li mi li”- if I am not for myself, who will be for me.

DAD by Gabe S.

Dad, do you want to fly a kite?

When it is not too dark, or not too light

We can watch it glide in and out of trees,

We can watch it be controlled by the slightest breeze-

or we can do something else, something else that is fun,

just me and you, father and son.

Nature by Karenna B.

The wind blowing tress from side to side, with leave and branches all over the place. Trees and bushes are surrounding the green grass. Dear, chipmunks and squirrels funner on the fresh green grass. Birds flying and building a new nest. When I look at my feet on the grass I think of nature.

Winter by Karenna B.

I awoke to the smell of fire, I run down the stairs as fast a lighting. I find mom testing the fireplace ready to make hot cocoa and pancakes. East as fast as I can – YUM, and then go outside ready to play in the snow.

The Wonders of Nature by Sam S.

The wonders of nature

You have to nurture.

But the animals hide-

So you cannot find,

That the wonder is in the creatures.

By Gigi R.

Trees grow high

some seem to touch the sky

I love the stars

Nature catches my eye.

A Limeric by Max P.

A bird needed a habitat.

The bird just ate a rat.

When it saw a tree.

It was happy.

It said, “ I could live in that.”