Blog  Maccabia Day 1 – Blue Destruction Vs. White Creation

Maccabia Day 1 – Blue Destruction Vs. White Creation

By Jenny Rehkugler, Communications Specialist 

chopMaccabia 2014 has come to Crane Lake in full force. Blue destruction and White Creation have split our camp in two. Last’s night’s breakout had everyone pumped for the week as past generals returned from a foamy pit in the lake.  New generals were announced on the main lawn before campers and staff ventured onto the tennis courts for a full-blown foam party with bubbles galore.

It is a huge honor to be a Maccabia general here at Crane Lake and last night eight new members, blue and white, were added to list. For the Blue Destruction, Sam, Kate, Josh, and Ari are the leading foursome. White Creation welcomed Rob, Bella, Jamie and Sarina to the team.

The day started off with a lineup won by the blue team and chop soon to follow. Blue and white captains chopped as hard as they could through the logs until they broke in two. Blue team won the fight again chopping through their wood just seconds before white.

hatchet-blue-and-white-Immediately following chop, Destruction and Creation competed in the hatchet hunt. Clues were given out to where blue and white hatchets were hidden somewhere on camp. The contest was close, for neither team retrieved the hatchet until the last clue was given. One Olim captain from each team was sent out to find the hatchet at Teva and ran as fast as they could back to the judge’s circle. White pulled through and won the hatchet hunt but it was quite close with blue right behind.

The afternoon was spent split into unit activities. Soccer matches, basketball games, swim meets and boating regattas got everyone cheering for their teams as they competed.  Blue took the evening line up and both teams went back and forth at tug-of-war on the lower soccer fields. By the end of the night Blue Destruction was in the lead but tomorrow is a new day and who knows what points the white team will create.