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Lacrosse at CLC!

Lacrosse was first played by Native American Indians and was originally called stickball.

The sport came to England in 1867 when a touring Canadian team came to play an exhibition game. The women’s game was then later developed in 1890 in St. Andrews, Scotland.

In the UK, lacrosse is the fastest growing sport; this is partly due to the different variations of the game and that it can be played by anyone at any age both single and mixed gender teams.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-19-at-9.50.07-PM2I have played lacrosse for 13 years, and have represented my college (uni) local club and county. As well as coaching both at college and for my local under 16 team.

A typical lesson you can expect at camp would depend on which age group is coming and how many lessons they have already had. All age groups will cover the fundamental skills first before progressing to defensive and offensive play and games.

But a general lesson will have a warm up game that uses similar skills that will be taught and used and  that lesson, followed by stretches, then a break down of the skill, drills using that skill followed by mini games to emphasize use of the skill. A short debrief to finish where the skills are recapped and key coaching points are reiterated.

Since my first year at Crane Lake I have learned so much more about coaching and how to be a great coach and a positive role model.

Every year I’ve come back and as soon as you come through the red gates it feels like you never left. Everyone is one big family and that’s part of the reason I come back every year. Being a coach at Crane Lake you get the best of both, you get to see all the kids at camp at least 3 lessons a session plus chug, and you get a bunk of your own campers to connect with while doing something you love, which is the main reason I signed up to come to camp. I wanted to do something I love everyday and have the opportunity to travel abroad as well, anyone would be crazy not to.


By Aimee Ratapana, Lacrosse Coach