Blog  Maccabia Day 2!

Maccabia Day 2!

Screen-Shot-2015-08-11-at-8.27.41-PM-1024x693Day two of Maccabia was off to a rainy start. Everyone was feeling refreshed after a late wake up and was ready for another amazing day of color war to begin. Following breakfast and t’fillah, we headed to the beit am and split into our teams for line up. Blue rose to the occasion as they took line up 7-3.

The sun finally began to shine through the clouds and bucket brigade began. With campers and staff lined up from the lake to the Chadar Ochel, everyone sang and danced as they passed the buckets up the hill. In the end, Blue Uprising fell one inch of water short to White Empire! We continued to take advantage of the sun by continuing with the regular activities. There was great sportsmanship and loud cheering from both teams!

At evening line up Uprising won 9 to 6. After day two, White is still in the lead. Hopefully Blue will get the chance to rise tomorrow!

Let’s hope the weather holds out for activities and Rope Burn!

By Lindsey Blackman, Communications Specialist