Blog  Maccabia Day 3!

Maccabia Day 3!

Screen-Shot-2015-08-12-at-5.25.10-PMWaking up with the sun shining meant it was going to be a great day for some friendly competition. This morning, white took line up 7 to 3. Campers competed in activities such as ultimate frisbee, basketball, swim meet, softball and football for activity period one. By the end of the period, blue and white had both won and lost games. Following activity period one, staff games started. Campers cheered on their counselors as they played in various sports. Blue took the win in girls basketball, girls softball, boys football while white took the win in boys soccer.

Teams have started learning their walk-ins, marches, and fightsongs in preparation for tomorrow night! You can hear campers and staff humming the tunes to their songs throughout the dining hall and all around camp.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-12-at-5.25.46-PMAt line up, Uprising won. Going into rope burn white was still in the lead.

After all the time collecting wood, the pit crew and feeders were ready to build a fire that would burn through the rope. There was complete silence in the air to allow pit captains to have as much concentration attainable to build the fire. Blue got their fire going first but unfortunately, after hours of building, both fires collapsed and Rope Burn 2015 was announced a tie.

The captains and generals still have as much enthusiasm and excitement as they had on day one…if not even more! As day 4 approaches, everyone is eager to perform their fightsong and find out which team will be the champion of Maccabia 2015!

By Lindsey Blackman, Communications Specialist