Blog  Maccabia Day 4!

Maccabia Day 4!

Everyone enjoyed a late wake up after the long rope burn last night. After breakfast and cleaning we went straight to our team meeting areas to learn line up. White took morning line up 6 to 4.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-13-at-5.07.23-PMCampers were excited as they received their events for the apache relay and headed to their locations. Apache was neck and neck the entire race but in the end white came to the finish line with the torch first. Both teams stood on the main lawn cheering for the blue team and not long after white, blue completed the relay. Once penalties were assessed, White Empire had taken to crown for the apache relay. The battle was still close as Empire was only up by 39 points. At this point, it was still anyone’s game.

Rest hour was filled with staff games and learning fight song. The afternoon was filled with fight song prep. Prior to silent dinner, teams competed in one last line up. Going into Sing 2015 White was in the lead.

More preparation for sing continued after dinner. Finally, after four long days of activities, singing, cheering and learning, campers and counselors lined up for sing. Teams followed their captains and generals silently up to the Rec Hall as they prepared to take the opposing team down.

White Empire’s fight song was to “Centuries” and Blue Uprising’s fight song was to “Love Runs Out”. After both teams performed their walk-ins, marches, and fight song’s, we all joined together in songs like the Alma Mater. The axe was taken out of the stump and the camp was brought back together as one.Once our community was joined happily together again, the winner of Maccabia 2015 was announced. Blue Uprising won walk-in and march while White Empire won fight song. In the end, the winner of Maccabia 2015 was Blue Uprising!

By Lindsey Blackman, Communications Specialist