Blog  Color War Captain Reflection!

Color War Captain Reflection!

Being a captain for White Empire was one of the best experiences of my life so far. It was amazing staying up late every night to teach the younger kids and being in a leadership position, both during team meetings and activities. This color war experience puts new meaning to the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”. This four-day adventure went by really quickly for me. Now that I only have a few more
days left as a camper, I am glad I got to savor them and remember them for a lifetime with a great sense of accomplishment.

My recently defeated self is glad to have had the experience every Olim get during color war. Even though the white team unfortunately did not win, I felt reassured when counselors, campers, generals, and judges alike all came up to me, commending my leadership positions during sing.

All in all, I am so sad that the past 7 years as a camper is coming to an end. It is not the end of my camp story, but a start to a new chapter, as a counselor.

By Noah Z., Bunk 28