Blog  Crane Lake Camp…It’s Where I Want To Be

Crane Lake Camp…It’s Where I Want To Be

Screen-Shot-2015-08-14-at-11.59.22-AMCamp… I love that word, I love that place. Camp is a place where you can truly be you. There’s no fitting in with the popular or being classified as unpopular, it’s you and your new lifelong best friends. I come back because CLC gives you the opportunity to make bonds and connections with people you never would have met without camp. In addition to that, CLC has something for everyone. Whether it be drama, baseball, hockey, arts and crafts, gymnastics, guitar chug, basketball, or football, CLC has anything imaginable! The people here are just amazing, no doubt about it. When I came to CLC in 2013 I was so scared, but as soon as I stepped into bunk 4 I was greeted by 14 amazing girls and that’s when I knew that this camp, Crane Lake, would be my home away from home. Three years later, I am still best friends with those 14 amazing girls and every summer I come home to CLC. – Hannah R., bunk 8

Some people love sports, some people love arts, but we love CLC! Here at Crane Lake we can all express our values of Judaism. With a variety of activities from gymnastics to archery, everyone has fun. The reason we come every year is not only for the great community but for the friends you can make. Your counselors are always there to help you out with any problems and can also be your greatest friends. A memory that always reminds us of camp is when Ben and I were in the same group at Six Flags New England and we were scared to go on a ride, but we both faced our fears and went on it together. This is why CLC is so special to us. -Noah P. and Ben B., Bunk 21

Screen-Shot-2015-08-14-at-12.02.53-PMThis is my 5th year at camp and this is why I come back every year: The lifelong trustworthy friends make camp special. At ropes during Jacob’s ladder, I wouldn’t have made it all the way to the top without the cheering of my friends and the physical help of my partner. Also, the big events like Fight song and Color War are amazing. Even though Chaverim girls didn’t place we still had an amazing time practicing and listening to everyone else. Lastly, the counselors who care for us and help us whenever are incredible. The great Jewish experiences and Shabbat are also amazing…that’s why I love camp. – Victoria S., Bunk 10

This is my third year at CLC and each year I keep coming back. There are many reasons why I come back to camp, but the main reason is my friends. I have really close friends that I rarely see during the year, so when camp comes around, time is precious. My friends are always supporting me. Once, for an evening program we all had to make a penalty shot. I was one of the last people to make it, but my friends cheered me on until I made it. I have made lifelong friendships at CLC. That is why I keep coming back. – Aliza C., bunk 8