Blog  Specialist Week Highlight: Liam, Head Lake Lifeguard

Specialist Week Highlight: Liam, Head Lake Lifeguard

OUR SPECIALISTS ARE HOME! This week, we will be sharing some stories about some of our coaches and instructors, from camp veterans and new staff alike. Up first is Liam!

Liam is from St. Andrews, Scotland. During the year, he manages a comfort food restaurant there. This is Liam’s 3rd year at Crane Lake, and he is so excited to be back at it!

FB_IMG_1465839139913His favorite part of camp is the lake, (good thing too, as he is the Head Lake Lifeguard!) – he especially likes speed boating and tubing. Liam has felt Crane Lake was his home from the moment he arrived his first summer (right picture). His bunk was full of staff members who had been at CLC for upwards of 3 years, and they took him in instantly! From the beginning, one of Liam’s favorite camp activities was Israeli dance. He is always front and center for his favorite dance, Bomshi. His favorite color is burgundy, his favorite holiday is Hogmny (New Years), and he loves to play soccer and golf. If he were a kitchen utensil, he would be a pizza cutter, because he likes to make difficult jobs easier. One of his proudest moments at CLC was when he was the Yellow Team’s Head Coach at Mini Maccabiah last summer. He is passionate about being a leader and loves being one at CLC.

IMG_3223He’s at camp this summer to continue his dedication to Crane Lake Camp, to improve himself as a person through the camp environment and engagement with campers and staff. He also hopes to help campers with their confidence at the waterfront.

Check in tomorrow for another coach or instructor highlight!