Blog  Specialist Week Highlight: Nimi, Ropes Instructor

Specialist Week Highlight: Nimi, Ropes Instructor

This is Nimi’s first summer at CLC, and he is excited to be a ropes instructor! He is from Hadera, Israel. He just finished his time in the army, where he specialized in artillery forces. His favorite camp food so far are hamburgers, he loves to hike and juggle, and can balance anything on his chin! This summer, Nimi hopes to teach the campers more about Israel and nature, and have a blast doing it!

IMG_9541When he returns to Israel, he plans to be a farmer, like his father, farming chickens and passionfruit. Nimi grew up on a moshav, a cooperative community of farmers.  Fun fact: A moshav is different than a kibbutz, which is a communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm.

Here are some differences: In terms of money and food, a kibbutz distributes communally, and in a moshav, everyone makes their own money and buys their own food. With the land, in a moshav, everyone has their own piece and on a kibbutz, the land is owned by the community altogether. On a moshav, the community is led by a board of community members and on a kibbutz, everyone is member of the leadership.

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