Blog  Puppy Life: Theo’s World After Crane Lake

Puppy Life: Theo’s World After Crane Lake

The puppies are here!! Each summer Crane Lake campers take care of four adorable puppies, and at the end of the summer they are auctioned off to camp families (with parental permission of course).  Here’s a window into the life of a Crane Lake puppy after being adopted.

by Theo Resnikoff, former camp puppy

Bark bark!

image003Good morning everyone! My name is Theo and I’m a black Cavapoo. Every morning, I wake up to the family that took me home from Crane Lake Camp in 2013. Camp was an amazing place; I got to hang out in the beautiful Berkshire sun, chill with some other doggy pals, and play with campers all day! Was I living the dream or what? Totally.

The Crane Lake family that took me home really loves camp too. I always hear them singing songs from t’filah and reminiscing about Color War. The children always discuss how excited they are to go back. I agree – I want to go back too. I hate when I see the huge duffels and bins getting packed up in June because that means my family is going to West Stockbridge without me.

The family that took me home is really special to me. They had never had a dog before so my coming home to them was a big step for both of us. We learned together how to make me feel at home and now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! They take me for walks around their Long Island home. People around the neighborhood always tell me I’m super friendly. My mom says that I’m that way because I spent an entire summer playing with children. My family feeds me delicious treats when I’m being an especially “good boy.” I try to always be. I love to cuddle and sleep. I also looooove tummy rubs. In the summer, I really love to play around in the backyard because hanging out in the sun reminds me of camp!

Oooh – a squirrel in the backyard. I gotta go. If you’re considering taking a camp dog home, you should. I hope that all of my furry friends in the bubble find a home as great as I did.