Blog  A Day in the Life: Camper Edition

A Day in the Life: Camper Edition

Want to know what a camp day looks in the eyes of the campers? Our Daily Bubble Chug took these quotes!


What is wake up like in your bunk?

“We get up and brush our teeth!” – Molly, Bunk 14

_MG_4199“We wake up and hurry to breakfast.” – Zander, Lakeview East

“We all get up slowly on our own.” – Alex S, Machon Lodge East

“I wake up and read before we go to breakfast.” – Misha, Bunk 9

What did you have for breakfast today?

“Cereal, lots of cereal!” – Zander, Lakeview East

“French toast with syrup.” – Sophie, Bunk 5

“Granola with strawberries and blueberry yogurt.” -Alex S, Machon Lodge East

_MG_4569What is your favorite camp activity?

“Drama! Pool! Lake! I like them because they are always fun and I get to be creative.” – Sophie, Bunk 5

“Archery and speedboats because they challenge me.” – Andy, Bunk 20

“Soccer because it’s the easiest sport to get everyone involved in.” – Alex S, Machon Lodge East

“Free play because I can choose what I want to do.” – Rachel, Bunk 14

 SONY DSC“Lake, ropes and lacrosse because you get to learn new things.” – Sami, Bunk 12

What happens during Nikayon?

“We clean our personal areas and the whole bunk.” – Sophie, Bunk 5

“We clean and organize the bunk, and then we have bunk time!” – Eli, Bunk 20

What are evening programs like?

IMG_1439“We play games and do fun things like Shark Tank!” – Molly, Bunk 9

“Always fun and they’re different every night.” – Sophie, Bunk 5

“Fun and relaxing.” – Andrew, Bunk 20

“Fun! You get to hang out with your friends.” – Jada, Bunk 12

Does your bunk have a bedtime ritual?

“We listen to a song and have flashlight time.” – Molly, Bunk 9

“1. Get in bed. 2. Tell stories. 3. Sleep.” – Andy, Bunk 20

“Flashlight time!” – Karenna, Bunk 12


This blog was created by the Daily Bubble campers of Week 2!