Blog  Mythbusting Israel: Meet our Mishlachat

Mythbusting Israel: Meet our Mishlachat

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We’re a Mishlachat of proud Israelis.


We don’t ride camels.  We did once, on Birthright.

We never lived in the desert, and no, we don’t eat falafel or hummus for breakfast.

We don’t wear a yarmulke on a daily basis.

But we do fast on Yom Kippur and eat matzah on Pesach.

We served in the Israeli Defense Forces, and no, we cannot do pushups with no hands.

Just like most people, we don’t agree with everything our government does, but we do support Israel, no matter what.

We speak Hebrew, not Yiddish or biblical Hebrew.SONY DSC

We don’t hate the Palestinians, and yes, we want real peace, more than anything else, and believe that it’s possible.

We proudly wave the Israeli flag every Israel Independence Day, and sing the national anthem- Hatikvah.

We feel proud every time that Israel sends humanitarian aid to a different country, and when we see people using technology developed in Israel like Waze the GPS app, a USB flash drive, and the cell phone camera.

We know that it’s a miracle that we even live in Israel.  Considering everything we’ve been through, a country the size of New Jersey that makes so much noise!

We cry on Yom Hazikaron, our Memorial Day, and pray every day for the safety of the Israeli soldiers and citizens.Adi

We constantly remind ourselves that Israel is the only Jewish country in the world and that it is a safe shelter for all who seek peace.

We love our country and that’s why we’re here.

We are here to light the fire and the passion about Israel.

We are here to be a face of Israel.

We are here to impart the fabric of Israel into our community.

We are here to use our knowledge and experience in order to represent our country in the best way SONY DSCpossible.

We’re here to learn, from you and with you.  To listen, to ask questions, and to be interested in everythingyou have to say.

We’re here to do as much as we can, in the time that we have, in the place that we are and to inspire others to join us in this holy work.

Hinenu, Here we are, for you, with you, for Israel.

This mission statement was written and shared with our community by our 2016 Mishlachat on Erev Yisrael.