Blog  Olim ’17 Takes Lake George: Trip Day 2017

Olim ’17 Takes Lake George: Trip Day 2017

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By Carly Haber, Social Media Specialist 

Our day of relaxation started the only way a peaceful day should, with extra sleep. The unit got an additional hour of beauty rest to kick off an amazing trip day. After eating breakfast, we loaded onto the buses and headed for Lake George.

We arrived next to a farmers’ market where the kids were able to purchase and taste locally grown fruits and vegetables. Most of the day consisted of lying on the beach, making sand castles, playing in the water and exploring the small town we were in. The campers had the opportunity to shop and buy some infamous “Piss & Moan Club” shirts, which have become a staple of the trip itself. A few of the groups decided to spend their money in unusual yet adventurous ways. One group rented scooters and rode them through the streets. Another bought a hermit crab, which they named George Lago (Lake George in Spanish), and set it free in the lake. The “parents” of George Lago wouldn’t let him free without making sure he would be safe, so they built him a GIANT sand castle to ensure he would never be without shelter.

After a fun and relaxing day, the group had an even more relaxing dinner. We went on a dinner cruise around the lake and watched the sunset over the water. We enjoyed delicious tacos and danced our hearts out on the dance floor. Those who weren’t in the dancing mood hung out on the top deck of the boat enjoying the view of the breathtaking scenery and some amazing houses. We even got to see the owner of the Red Sox’s lake house! From playing on the beach, to shopping, to an amazing dinner cruise, Olim ’17 had an unforgettable day at Lake George. It was the perfect way to de-stress before the start of Color War and their leading camp as captains.