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How Coaches and Instructors Prepare

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Every year, instructors from all around the globe gather at Crane Lake Camp a week before the General Counselors arrive. The extra time is crucial for our professionals because it allows them to refine their skills and frame their teaching for the summer at camp. During Specialists Week, each group is responsible for setting up and organizing their areas, creating flexible lesson plans for all ages and units, and bonding together as a team through a range of unifying activities. For example, the Sports Team helped a local farm get rid of harmful weeds and gather summer crops. Working these generous jobs in the sweltering sun taught the Sports Team diligence and gratitude, while simultaneously tightening the bond between the coaches.


Safety is a crucial aspect of staff training at Crane Lake Camp. Thus, it is essential that each specialty area has the capacity to handle a variety of different situations that may come up throughout the summer. This past week, a large number of specialists from all specialty areas were certified in CPR during an evening seminar that provided attendees with a comprehensive set of skills. One of the most interesting takeaways from the clinic was a correlation between 1960’s hit band The Bee Gee’s, and saving lives. In fact, the beat for “Staying Alive” mirrors the frequency of chest compressions that must be maintained for a successful resuscitation!


Apart from CPR, there were a number of area-specific certification programs and training sessions that were successfully completed by all participants. The Teva instructors had the privilege of completing Wilderness First Aid training at our sister camp Eisner. The Ropes Staff were certified to facilitate our high and low ropes courses, along with Crane Lake’s course-conquering zip line. The Archery Instructor completed a certification series devoted to making proficient archers into modern Robin Hoods! And, lastly, the lifeguards spent time at both Eisner and Crane Lake taking written and practical tests to become certified by the Red Cross. Basically, everybody’s weeks were packed! 


Intense mental preparation and grueling physical activity are expected during these six days of hard work, however, each year the fruits of their labor lay the groundwork for the unforgettable summer to come. As the week comes to an end, the current camp community – comprised of Art, Drama, Sports, Waterfront, Outdoor, and Ropes specialists – is excitedly looking forwards to welcoming the General Counselors and the start of Staff Week.