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Top 5 Scenic Places at Camp

Living up high in the Berkshires means tons of fun, growing up, and building friendships that last a lifetime. The mountains are filled with an atmosphere of love and excitement that define being a Crane Lake camper, machon, or staff member. They also happen to be picture perfect and emphasize camps flourishing community with awe striking beauty. Though each person has their own designated favorite on-camp location, there are a certain few that truly showcase the beauty at Crane Lake Camp. Below are pictures of what we think are the top 5 scenic places at camp (not in order).


1. Rec Hall Hill

Rec Hall Hill is a casual hang out spot tucked-in comfortably behind Girls Row. It is a wonderful location for games, storytelling, and star gazing. Check out the clouds floating above the trees deep in the West Stockbridge woods!


2. Soccer/Football Field Lookout

The home of two of Crane Lake’s most popular sports also happens to be an amazing spot to catch a sunset. Golf carts and campers zoom past this area all day and are often met with stunning sights. At dusk, the sun drops directly between two distant Berkshire mountains.


3. The Main Lawn

Lush grass and emerald trees paint the main lawn: a place where scattered rain showers invite full rainbows for the entire camp to enjoy. This social hub is home to Crane Lake’s Fourth of July Carnival, barbecue cook-outs, various evening programs, and Kesher/Limud. During second session, blue and white spray paint divides the grassy terrain in two and marks the beginning of our four day Maccabiah.  


4. Ropes

Camp’s new aerial adventure course has proved itself as an awesome structure full of breathtaking fun, daring exhilaration, and wonderful aesthetics. It is nestled away in our forest next to the archery range, soccer field, and lower ropes course. Recently, Olim 2020 donated a portion of their Bar and Bat mitzvah gelt so that camp could add a unique obstacle that spells out “Crane Lake” (middle) on the upper portion of the ropes course.


5. The Lake

At night or during the day, camp’s lake exemplifies the beauty that comes with a magical summer at 46 State Line Road. This location speaks for itself.