Blog  Value of the Week: Ometz Lev

Value of the Week: Ometz Lev

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At the center of this week’s t’filah and shabbat services was last week’s Jewish value: Ometz Lev or Courage. Each day began with a different teaching about the importance of embracing challenges despite the limitations of fear. Campers from all units were awarded bracelets for courageous activities throughout the week to reinforce camp’s culture of kindness and unconditional support. Campers displayed healthy chutzpah and worked to improve their self-esteem, which led to an Ometz Lev filled week.

Reb Deb, one of our enthusiastic faculty members, shared her words of wisdom with camp (see video):

Once upon a time —

היו היה בועת ברכה Hayo hayah bu’at brachah — 

there was a Bubble full of Blessing,

and its name was C   L   C.

At C  L   C,

Campers Lived Closely together

in Cabins between the Lake and the Chadar Ochel,

a Community full of our own individual Lights, where we Collectively Create a Culture of …  Kindness …  Chesed!

It’s filled with Counselors who Love their Campers

and Campers who Love their Counselors,

people of Courage, Love, and Conviction

building Community through Listening and Connection.

But Camp Life is a little Crazy;

and CLC, Like the rest of the world, is sometimes … Complicated.

It takes Courage and Leadership to make a Community,

to Completely Link the Circle —

Connecting everybody, Leaving out nobody, Creating k’dushah — holiness.

It takes Courage — Lots of Courage.

It takes Courage to Listen to your Counselors

when everyone Close to you is Laughing and Cracking jokes.

It takes Courage to Leave your Comfort zone.

It takes Courage to Look another Camper in the eyes,

or to disConnect from your Little Clique,

to step out of the Crowd and get to know a Lonely Camper.

It’s Certainly a Little inConvenient;

but you Can’t be Lazy in Community.

You’ve got to Carefully Listen to your Conscience

and keep your Commitment to Living your Convictions.

(That means: Carrying out what you have Learned is best and are Convinced is true.)

But my friends?

You HAVE the


to LEAVE this world — and its Bubble —

better than it was

before you CAME.

After all,

we Come to Camp

Because we Love the Life

in this Kehillah Kedoshah —

this Holy Community,

this בועת ברכה Bu’at Brachah,

this Bubble of Blessing,

Crane    Lake    Camp.