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Mini Maccabia 2018: Family Feud

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What’s the color of Crane Lake? Blue, yellow, green, and red! These are the characteristic colors of Mini Maccabiah, one of first session’s special events. Past “Mini Mac”s were modeled after themes like Summer Olympics, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even the famous board game Clue. Teams like Blue R2D2 and Red Gryffindor make up the history of Mini Maccabiah,  however a new year means a new theme and teams: The Yellow Weasleys, Green Flintstones, Blue Smurfs, and Red Incredibles. What do these different groups all have in common? Well, they’re all well known families of course! A Family Feud: a battle to find the new camp cow (Mayflower) a family of her own.

Shortly after lights were dimmed in the Chadar Ohel and a hype video was played, counselor-coaches were announced and Mini Mac officially began. The energy of campers running and cheering after being split up into four distinct teams was channeled into one of camps cornerstone and most physically demanding events: Tug-of-War at the soccer field! Four team brackets, split by unit and gender, gave teams multiple opportunities to tug their opponents to the ground and gain early points. In the end, and after a convenient rain shower, the Blue and Red team were tied for first place.

The following day campers competed in various competitions like boating regattas, track and field meets, and ultimate frisbee, kickball, and soccer games. Although rain was a major obstacle – some activities even continued in a downpour – camp’s programming staff and Leadership Team were able to make almost every event happen. Nonetheless, that gave teams more time to practice team skits and marches– new additions to the Mini Mac canon of special events!
A march is a creative song written by campers and staff intended to showcase a team’s spirit and serve as an explanation for why one team is better than the others. This tradition is typically for Maccabiah during second session and we are not yet sure if it will stick for Mini Mac, however the inaugural first session march was a total hit. Cries of “yabbadabba-doo’s” and some smurfit’ good lyrics echoed throughout the Beit Am with ruach. All that was left to do was tally the final results…