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Beauty and the Beast 2018

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During first session campers had the privilege of acting in camp’s rendition of the Beauty & the Beast. In classic camp fashion, campers added their artistic flare into their characterizations of a candlestick, clock, drawer, tea pot, herd of wolves, and of course, beast. This tale as old as time immediately became a camp favorite with phenomenal acting and singing.  The gorgeous voices of both the ensemble and soloists rung inside of the Rec Hall with songs like “Gaston” and “Be Our Guest” making the crowd go wild. Countless hours of hard work before the play lead up to a physically and mentally demanding two shows in one night! Although actors only had an hour and a half to break their legs (twice), all campers shined onstage.


Here’s a list of the cast and crew:

Tia M. – Lefou
Sofia W. – Ensemble
Samantha S. – Cogsworth
Ryan L. – Chip
Molly S. – Belle
Marisa C. – Mrs. Pots
Lucy R. – Madame De La Grande Bouche
Lily S. – Narrator
Lily B. – Silly Girl
Lilah G. – Silly Girl
Juliana L. – Beast
Josie L. – Ensemble
Josie B. – Silly Girl
Josh B. – Lefou
Jordan C. – Narrator
Farah C.-N. – Lumiere
Ethan G. – Ensemble
Ella N.- Silly Girl
Eleanor B. – Gaston
Bailey S. – Babette
Ava B. – Marie (Belle’s Mom)


Aliya B.
Audrey P.
Ella K.
Francesca S.
Lily F.
Naomi B.
Rachel F.
Sasha C.
Sophie M.
Tess F.
Lena M.