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Camp’s Cutest Puppies Ever?

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The opportunity to adopt puppies by lottery has been a tradition for many years at Crane Lake. Each year, four lucky families are able to bring home the supreme cuteness that comes from each young dog within our lovable puppy quartets. Now, the time has come to consider putting in your name for a chance of a lifetime: winning the puppy of your dreams. First, however, we need to meet them:

Skye (Border Collie)
Frisbees and sticks very well may become two of Skye’s favorite toys as she is super fond of playing fetch. Brilliant as they come, Skye is very aware of her surroundings and is bursting with puppy energy.
Ernie & Indi (Pug Cairn Terriers)
This brother and sister combination are cute, cuddly, and totally different from one another. Of course both are just as lovable as any puppy that comes through the red gates, but they differ from each other quite a bit: While Indi loves attention and has loads of energy, Ernie is much shyer and follows his sister in play. In general, both love to run around however Ernie is much more of a cuddler than Indi.
Buddy (Peekapoo)
He might not be the brightest puppy but that makes Buddy all the more mushy. In fact, this puffball’s cuteness rivals that of all the other puppies. Ernie may like to cuddle, but Buddy definitely takes the cake when it comes to being a living and breathing stuffed animal.


Interested in adopting one of our cute pups? Call the office at (413) 232-4257.