Blog  Second Session Opening Day 2018!

Second Session Opening Day 2018!

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by Jake Rudolph, Digital Media Director

Although we may try to convey all of the energy at Crane Lake with videos, pictures, and other media, those insights into the bubble are limited. In fact, crossing through the red gates holds more meaning than just a summer of fun. It entails building independence, opportunities for exploration, and unconditional love. Making it back home, finally, after waiting long months, is an indescribable phenomenon. It is both a feeling of comfort as well as an everlasting motivation that pushes us to do better, be better, and accept constant change. We become more certain that all choices, whether good or bad, will be met with love and encouragement to heighten an ascent or cushion a fall.

Entering the gates is an exhilarating jump into kayaking, swimming, climbing, sailing, hitting, throwing, kicking, crawling, drawing, acting… and simply playing. Coming to camp means creating everlasting memories with a bunk compiled of counselors and campers who were brought together by chance and Judaism. Joining camp life means that we are all support systems for each other: a safety net through good and bad. Stepping into the bubble is an instantaneous free fall however without fear. Every camper knows this feeling: the feeling of being able to fall from tremendous heights, simply to bounce right back up.

Experience the magic of this entry into our magical world in our Second Session Opening Day video.