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Where We Come Together

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More Than Benches

by Jake Rudolph, Digital Media Director


It is more than just a space for prayer;

It is a place where goals are met and summers are realized.

It is a place where minor key songs turn into uplifting soul music

With heartfelt dance moves that act as their harmony.

Ruach, Chesed, Ometz Lev…

Spirit, Kindness, Courage…

These are the values within the veins of our outdoor sanctuary.

A place where choruses are shouted in unison

A place where swaying in loving arms with your comrades is habitual

A place where stage fright becomes a ruse…

It is not just a fine array of tiered benches

It is much, much more.

It is a symbol of home

It is a symbol of excitement

It is a symbol of spirituality

Of change…

It is the heart of Crane Lake,

Our outdoor sanctuary.