Blog  Maccabia 2018: How Values Help Us Win

Maccabia 2018: How Values Help Us Win

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Near the end of every summer, Crane Lake Camp divides into two teams for four days of intense competition. These two teams, represented by the colors blue and white, are led by the oldest campers, who have waited years for this opportunity.

Maccabia is not a set of arbitrarily chosen events. Maccabia is a series of tests, each of which focuses on a particular trait that a person develops over their time at Crane Lake Camp. Watch the video to learn more about how our values drive each aspect of Color War, and read below to find out which team won each for Maccabia 2018!

Chop- Strength: White Eclipse

Athletics- Friendship (Winner varied daily)

Marble- Generosity: White Eclipse (96 to 125)

Tug- Perseverance: Blue Supernova

Hatchet Hunt- Speed: White Eclipse

Bucket Brigade- Patience: White Eclipse

Rope Burn- Courage: Blue Supernova

Apache- Individuality: White Eclipse

Lineup- Intellect (Winner varied daily)

Puzzle- Diligence: Blue Supernova

Banner- Trust (Even split)

Sing- Unity (Click the links to watch the full march & fight song for Blue Supernova and White Eclipse)

  • Walk In: White Eclipse
  • March: White Eclipse
  • Fight Song: Blue Supernova

MACCABIA WINNERS 2018: White Eclipse!!