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This summer, Upper Chaverim was lucky enough to work with our friend, visiting artist Noam Katz, to create an original song for camp.  The value that week was Nedivut, or Generosity, which is an integral part of our Culture of Kindness.  Inspired a little bit by the Torah’s description of the Israelites’ generosity in bringing their gifts to the Tabernacle, and a lot by the acts of generosity they see at camp, Upper Chaverim created this instant hit!

Check out the chord sheet, the audio on our SoundCloud account, and most importantly the full music video, which highlights a number of Crane Lake’s acts of generosity this summer, including Upper Bonim’s annual Tzedakah Fair, and service and advocacy trips on Making a Difference Day.

Here are the lyrics!


by Zoe G, Jeremy Sipe, Noam Katz, and all of Upper Chaverim


Lending your hand

When they’re stuck in the sand

Doing your part

What feels right in your heart

Helping a friend

When their path starts to bend

Open the door

When you know you have more to give…

That’s generosity!


I’m trying to make it so things are more fair

Putting my kind words and love in the air

Lift up your spirit so you never feel all alone


So show your compassion and try to be selfless

Reach out your hand when somebody’s helpless

Put someone’s needs, oh, right in front of your own

Nadav libo… Nadav rucho… (Generous heart, Generous spirit, from Exodus 35)




What’s mine is yours; what’s yours could be mine,

Are you willing to give and leave no one behind?

Can you promise to lend a little bit more of your soul?


I know I’m on the right track, won’t overreact

I give and I don’t expect anything back

With kindness and love, we can make this world whole



Nadav libo— are you willing to be giving?

Nadav rucho— let your spirit shine through

Nadav libo-– are you willing to be giving?

Nadav rucho-– part of me reaching out to a part of you