Blog  What’s New At Camp for 2019?

What’s New At Camp for 2019?

We’ve been busy at work this off-season making updates and improvements to our program and facility so that Summer 2019 will be the best summer ever! Take a peek behind the curtain at some of the updates that await you on Opening Day and beyond…

Renovated Outdoor Sanctuary

If you have prayed in Crane Lake’s outdoor sanctuary, you know the magic of this space.

Maybe it is the crisp mountain air of West Stockbridge or the way the stillness of the morning is interrupted by the co-mingling of 600 voices of campers and staff, but something is just different about praying together as a camp in URJ Crane Lake Camp’s outdoor sanctuary. This spiritual space allows the community to begin their day praying and dancing together, as one camp family.

We are excited to share that we have begun the process of revitalizing our sacred space. Adding additional benches, a tree canopy for shade, updating the audio equipment, and other enhancements will ensure campers and staff can focus on deepening their spiritual connection instead of worrying about the bright morning sun or the currently cramped quarters.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can and support this project please click here!

Food Glorious Food!

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with WOLFoods to manage our food service this summer. This is in response to your feedback and a way to revolutionize our dining hall and meal service. We are busy crafting a new menu that will include old favorites and new options! WOLFoods is the industry leader in camp food service. They specialize in scratch cooking and delicious and nutritious camp meals. Additionally, WOLFoods is hiring the professional chefs and kitchen managers for this summer. We are so excited to see, feel, and taste their impact!

Resurfaced Basketball and Tennis Courts

What would Crane Lake be without its fields and courts?

Olim 2021 has voted for their b’nai mitzvah project, and the winner is… re-vamping the basketball courts! A fresh coat of paint and some repairs will ensure that our basketball athletes represent Crane Lake with pride every time they step on the courts!

Through a generous donation from the Barth family, in honor of their sons’ b’nai mitzvah, we will also be repairing, repainting, and re-fencing the upper and lower tennis courts. They look stunning so far!

The entire tennis and basketball court complex will be ready for your viewing pleasure on Opening Day!

New Activity: Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee has always been a favorite chug. Now, by popular demand, we are making it a scheduled activity! We’ve been dreaming about making that diving catch in the end zone and know you have been too. We can’t wait to see those discs flying all over the lake field!

New Activity: Outdoor Cooking

Campers have been asking for a cooking activity for many years. This summer, we are making it happen! We’ll be converting our old Teva site near archery into a brand new Outdoor Cooking activity! Campers will learn to create gourmet masterpieces, using fresh produce from our garden and local farms.

Expanded Space in the Mirpa’ah and New Faculty House

The medical staff are moving out of the top level of the Mirpa’ah (Infirmary) to open space for more campers and staff to be cared for during the day or overnight when necessary. Of course, there will be a nurse on duty in residence in the Mirpa’ah each night. We are happy to now have additional rooms available so that we can meet all the varying medical needs of our community at any given time!

To address our need for additional adult housing on camp following the medical staff’s move, we are building a beautiful new faculty house next to the pathway to the Rec Hall. Our visiting educators and clergy as well as our full-time staff will enjoy this new facility and our favorite view of the Berkshires overlooking Girls’ Row as they work hard toward camp’s mission. We’re calling the building the Bayit!  We are grateful to our generous donors who have helped make this project possible.