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Breaking News!!

This Summer 2019, Crane Lake Camp has adopted 4 amazing puppies to live at the bubble with us. They are all three months old. They are all cuddly, beautiful and more importantly, they are looking for a forever home. Campers may enter their names into a raffle and with permission from their parents, they can win a puppy at the end of the summer. Watch the full story of our Crane Lake puppies of 2019 !!

Raphael is a Black Lab
He is the biggest of the bunch. He is the most gorgeous pup around, loves running around and fetching sticks and playing ball. He is an active dog that loves walks.

Freddy is a Lab Beagle mix/ Terrier Mix
He’s got a lot of energy and can give a good chase to anything, loves the summer sun and being around people. Usually, he does his own thing – a bit of a rebel so he kills with the Olim girls.

Nicky Lab Beagle/Terrier Mix
I’m Freddy’s brother – the better-looking one. I’m a pretty chill dude despite my peppy name. I really like cuddles, love, and smooches from everyone I meet. You’ll know I like you if I give you a big fat lick on your face.

Scarlett is a Chiweenie
She loves cuddles and giving out kisses. She is the smallest out of all the pups but has the biggest heart. She gets attached very easily when she finds a friend, so that’s why she has loads!!

For more information on how to adopt these great pups call (413) 232-4257