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Katie’s Ark

Thankfully, we haven’t had to endure another flood to get up close and personal with animals at Crane Lake Camp. We are lucky enough to have a whole zoo for play and exploration! Our animals are small and large, from chickens and rabbits and guinea pigs to llamas and donkeys and goats and, of course, puppies! They come from all over to hang out with us for the summer, and when summer ends, they all head back home after a fun summer at camp!

This summer we have Zoo Director Katie, in her third summer, and Zoo Specialist Tom, in his first. Between them they have heaps of animal care experience that translates to fun and quality lessons. Katie and Tom let the campers get hands on with the animals and learn how to look after them if they are interested in adopting in the future. You should see the look on the faces of some of our campers from the city, who may have never been up close and personal with a chicken before!

Each bunk has the opportunity to go to the zoo several times throughout the session, during which they may play with all the animals, practice feeding, or grooming, or even walk the puppies and alpacas (walking the puppies is always a big moment that campers look forward to).

At the Crane Lake Camp zoo we foster care and responsibility – helping campers learn what it means to care for a living thing can get them prepared for their own families, their own farms, or both someday down the line!