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by Debby Shriber, Executive Director, URJ Northeast Camps & Youth

I’m typing this as I get ready to travel to Israel to meet some of our new shlichim. As you know, each summer an incredible cohort of Israeli Shlichim enriches our summer experience by bringing Israel to life for our campers. The bonds that are created during the summer often last well beyond their time in the Bubble. We now have a chance to support similar programs, live our values, and help strengthen the Reform connection between the North American Jewish community and Israel.

The World Zionist Congress is the World Zionist Organization’s (WZO) legislative body that meets every five years in Jerusalem. The Congress is the only body in which all of world Jewry is represented democratically and, therefore, is your only democratic opportunity to influence Israeli society. It determines policy in Israel, designates its course of action, and chooses the leadership of the WZO. Most importantly, the Congress makes decisions that affect the status of Reform and progressive Jews in Israel and across the world, allocating considerable funding available to progressive Jews in Israel. If you take a look at the Reform Slate, you’ll find many names from our Crane Lake family.

The URJ is asking you to vote for the Reform Slate to ensure that we contribute to the future we envision for Israel based on key values such as pluralism, equality, and tolerance. All it takes is voting in this year’s World Zionist Congress Elections now through March 11, 2020. We need every single Reform Jew to vote for our slate. Voting for the Reform Movement in the World Zionist Congress Elections will shape the future of Judaism in Israel for generations to come. To place your vote for the Reform and Reconstructionist Slate, click here.

For more information about this election and its importance to the Reform Movement, please visit and check out their Facebook page and/or Instagram page to stay up-to-date with voting information and additional ways to help spread the word.

I voted the Reform Slate, and I hope you will too.