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Making Camp Affordable

Crane Lake Camp is committed to working in conjunction with families and their home congregations to make a summer camp experience possible for URJ families in need of assistance. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to allocate over $450,000  in scholarship funds to Crane Lake and Eisner campers for 2022.

When considering applying for a need-based camp scholarship, we also encourage you to explore all scholarship options. One source of scholarship funds can be your local synagogue. Many synagogues provide assistance on behalf of their member families for camp programs. Financial assistance may also be available from the Jewish Federation in your community. Many local Federations sponsor needs-based camp scholarships. If it is your camper’s first time at overnight camp, you may qualify for a One Happy Camper Grant. Please go to to find out more information and to apply.

To request a Scholarship Application, please email Ali Sadowski, our Business and Operations Associate, or call 201-722-0400.

Scholarship FAQs

How do I apply for a need-based scholarship and where do I find the need-based scholarship form?

A child must be enrolled in camp for the need-based scholarship application to be submitted and considered. Scholarship applications can be found in your camper’s CampInTouch account under the “Forms and Documents” section and are due January 31st. Additional components such as Temple Forms and Tax Documents may be requested and are due by January 31st. 

How much scholarship assistance should my family expect to receive?

The amount of scholarship awarded to each family will be based on the number of applicants and level of need. Our goal is to help get as many campers as possible to camp, with that in mind our scholarship awards are given based on one session.

How are the scholarship funds disbursed?

Scholarship assistance is provided as a credit on camp fees and is posted in the Financial Management section of your CampInTouch Account by early April.

How do my Synagogue and camp work together to provide a scholarship?

We are so grateful to our Synagogue partners for their generosity and for helping support our scholarship efforts. On the scholarship application, we ask that you provide the amount of scholarship you are requesting from your Synagogue, along with contact information for a representative from the Synagogue. We will send a form to that representative to fill out and return. Once that is completed the Synagogue scholarship amount is posted in the Financial Management section of your CampInTouch Account.


Your first-time camper may be eligible for a One Happy Camper grant of up to $1000!