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Making Memories, Honoring History

Our camp is rooted in a long history of rich traditions from the time CLC opened as a private camp in the early 1900’s. Since becoming a Union for Reform Judaism camp in 1998, we have woven together those traditions with our modern Jewish values.

4th of July and Scroll

Each year, we celebrate the 4th of July with a Carnival, complete with inflatable slides, bouncy houses, dunk tank, face painting, cotton candy, snow cones, and so much more!

Then at night, all of camp gathers at the lake for Scroll. At the end of each summer the Junior Counselors (formerly Machon) write a scroll of everything that happened at camp that summer. The scroll is buried at the Lake on the last night of camp, and then dug up on July 4th the next summer to be read for all of camp!

Tournaments and Trips

Each summer, there are countless tournaments that campers can opt in to! Teams will travel to other camps in the Berkshires to compete in everything from Soccer to Sailing to Cheerleading to Tennis to Chess!

Each session, campers look forward to going on Trip Day. During Session 1, Upper Camp (entering Grades 8-10) will go on an overnight trip, and Lower Camp will go on a day trip. During Session 2, all units will go on a day trip.

Mini Maccabia

Our Session 1 campers experience a day of competition during Mini Maccabiah. Campers and staff are divided into four teams (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue) and participate in a variety of competitions. Good sportsmanship, fun, and lots of ruach (spirit) are all parts of Mini Maccabiah!

Fight Song Night

Fight Song is a cherished tradition during Session 1. Each unit rewrites the words to a popular song to make it all about camp, and then performs their song for the rest of camp. The winners of Fight Song have the honor of getting their name on a plaque in the Rec Hall!


Our Session 2 campers experience several days of competition during Maccabiah. Campers and staff are divided into two teams (Blue and White) and participate in a variety of competitions. Good sportsmanship, fun, and lots of ruach (spirit) are all parts of Maccabiah!


Firefly is our closing ceremony on the last night of the summer. Everyone on camp meets on the Main Lawn, and walks down to the Lake holding an unlit candle by number of years that they’ve been at camp. It starts with the people who have been at camp the longest, and ends with the people whose first summer it is.

Once down at the lake, the first person lights their candle then uses their candle to light the next person’s, so that the flame is passed down. Each person then goes towards the water’s edge, reflects on the summer, perhaps makes a wish, and put their candle into the Lake. It tends to be a very quiet and meaningful time for everyone.