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Prepping for Camp

Tips and tricks to get you ready for the best summer ever!

Packing List

Check out our Packing List!

Shipping or Shlepping Luggage

We know that many of you like shipping your camper’s luggage to camp and not having to bring it with you on Opening Day. You will have the option to ship luggage through Ship Camps, or bring it with you on Opening Day. All campers will unpack their luggage with the help of our staff on Opening Day, regardless of if it was shipped or shlepped.


Make some room in the car on your way to camp by shipping your camper’s luggage ahead of time! We have once again contracted with Ship Camps to facilitate the shipping process. You can sign up using your CampInTouch account in the “Your Camper” section.

Shipping costs vary depending on your location, with pricing determined by distance, weight, and dimensions.

You can schedule your luggage pickup on a date and time that works for you! Ship Camps will help ensure your camper’s bags arrive at camp on time (by June 26 for First Session and Full Summer Campers, July 24 for Second Session Campers).

If you plan on using ShipCamps, we recommend booking by April 15, 2024 for First Session and Full Summer Campers and by June 3, 2024 for Second Session Campers.


If you choose not to ship your camper’s luggage, you can bring it with you on Opening Day!


On Opening Day, each camper will receive a Crane Lake laundry bag. This bag will be picked up from camp once a week by a local, professional laundry service and returned to camp the next day. The entire contents of your camper’s laundry bag are washed as one load in hot water, so it will be best to pack clothing colors that will not run. Delicates, linen, wool, suede, and dry clean only items should not be sent to camp. Crane Lake is not responsible for missing or damaged clothing. The camp laundry bags will be collected at the end of the summer.

Pro tip! The camp-provided laundry bag is the only one that can be used for our camp laundry service. Campers can still bring an extra bag if it helps them to stay organized in the bunk, but make sure they know they’ll use the camp bag when they send their laundry for cleaning!

Label, Label, Label

We want our campers to return home with everything they brought to camp. Therefore, please LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

EVERYTHING that comes to camp must have your camper’s full name (not initials) on it. Whether you sew the labels in, iron them on, use permanent marker or a stamp, you must label EVERYTHING.  We donate bags of our campers’ unlabeled belongings to local charities at the end of the summer.

One of the best labeling products we’ve seen are the peel and stick labels available from Label Daddy. You can buy them directly from the company.

Camp-Ready Attire

Please be sure to pack plenty of durable and comfortable clothing appropriate for a rustic camp setting. Campers spend most of their day outside; Crane Lake is a place where we play outside, sweat, and dance our hearts out. We try to create a wholesome environment that mirrors the values we attempt to instill in our campers. To create this sense of community, we ask campers and staff to dress in a way that is respectful both to themselves and others in the camp community. 

Please do not pack any clothing with inappropriate pictures, offensive sayings or advertisements for drugs, alcohol, vaping, etc.

Please pack some swimsuits that are functional for instructional swim – one-piece suits, tankinis, and shorts-style bathing suits are best.

Campers are expected to dress appropriately for their activities. They must wear long pants for hiking, sneakers and breathable clothing for sports, and swimsuits for swim.

Staying Hydrated

There is no need to send cases of water to camp! Please send 2-3 reusable water bottles. We want campers drinking more water per day than they could possibly bring to camp with them.

Camp Store

Click here to check out our online camp store! Through the website, you will be able to buy cool Crane Lake clothing for your child. This is completely optional – though your camper would love it! (If your camper would like camp swag for the summer, please make sure to order by June 1st to guarantee delivery before camp starts.) Just before trip day, your camper will receive a Crane Lake Camp T-shirt, which we will label with their name.


Campers are asked to leave all articles of value at home as the Camp is absolutely NOT responsible for any camper’s belongings. There is no need for jewelry or expensive items at camp. Do not bring any cash or credit cards to camp!